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Designed with the performer AND the collector in mind, we know that no matter how you intend to use The Pheonix Cups & Balls, your needs will surely be met.
In honor of Charlie Miller and Ross Bertram, these ultra-thick, ultra-strong, copper-alloy cups have been hand-crafted using the Miller/Bertram shape and design. Because of Mr. Frank's experience as a street performer, he insisted that these cups be strong enough to withstand the "punishment" he found so useful for luring an audience...and misdirecting their attention once the performance begins.

Go ahead, take the Ironwood Wand and give one of our cups a nice whack. Most of the cups on the market today would look like a crumpled soda can. Not these.

Dimensions: Height: 3"  Mouth: 3 3/8"  Base/Top: 2 1/8"

These hand-knitted, Tayade-Style balls have not been readily available as part of Cups and Balls sets, or individually, in almost 20 years. The consistency of balance and size allow easy manipulation, and the intricate design make them the perfect balls to accompany the Miller/Bertram style cups. The  open, web-knitting also helps minimize ball roll. Each set of The Phoenix Cups & Balls comes with 4 balls. See our Order page for special holiday ball set offers.

Dimensions: Circumference: 1" x 7/8" Slight Oval

Ledgend has it that Merlin's Staff consisted of the same wood as our wand! Made of the finest ironwood, this hand-crafted wand is an attractive and, due to the strength of the cups, VITAL addition to The Phoenix Cups & Balls.

Dimensions: Length: 12 5/8"  Diameter: 7/16"

Whether you use it as a presentation case, a means of protecting your Cups and Balls when traveling to and from a performance, or both, we know that a first-class product deserves a first-class home. Our hand-crafted case has been designed to cushion the set securely during travel, as well as provide a beautiful setting for display purposes.

Dimensions: Height: 3 3/4"  Length: 13 3/4"  Depth: 5 7/8"

Click on the Presentation Case to see an enlargement

The Phoenix Cups and Balls has been limited to 1,000 hand-crafted sets. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity/ Affidavit of Limited Edition, will accompany your set and each certificate is hand-signed by TFM President Tom Frank. The Certificate / Affidavit has been designed to mount inside the lid of the presentation case for optimal display purposes.

Why pay as much as $200 for just the cups alone when you can receive our Ultra-Strong, Copper-Alloy Cups...Hand-Knitted, Tayade-Style Balls...Ironwood Wand...Presentation/Travel Case and Certificate of Authenticity/Affidavit of Limited Edition for the same price? Why indeed?

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